How to check Laptop models in Windows 10, Lenovo, and HP

How to check Laptop models in Windows 10

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In this article, I will give you the solutions of how to check laptop models top and most important issue in the digital world of 2021.

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how to check laptop models?

Whether are you buying a laptop/computer and can’t find its model number.

Or your computer/laptops parts are damaged/not working properly you want to buy its parts but don’t know your laptop model number because No Sticker Attach to the laptops of configuration and wanted to know?

Worry not

Below are The 3 most Easy & common ways to find it in only 3 Easy Steps.

System Summary

Follow the below steps to find the model of a laptop from the system summary


Click on the window Search box (bottom of the screen)


Search System Summary in the Search box.


Press Enter.

You will see many options but you need to find a system model.

Below Is the screenshot of a system model.

please note this in place that you can find it easily later.


The Powershell method is also very easy to follow, below are some steps to find it how


Click on the search box.


search Powershell in the search box and click enter.

Step 3

Copy this code and past it there.

Code  “Get-CimInstance -ClassName Win32_ComputerSystem”

For the above example, my laptop model is “Dell Latitude E7440”

Command Prompt

Step 1

Click on the search box

Step 2

search Command Prompt and click enter

Step 3

Copy the below code and past it there.

wmic csproduct get name


Press Enter

For example, in the above picture Latitude, E7440 is my system model.

how to check laptop model windows 10

there is no need for specific specifications to check the laptop’s model.

However the above methods we have shown you will work also in window 10.

how to check laptop model hp

To find the model number on a hp laptop, there is an easy method you can do it.

But how?

Let jump into it.

Step1 press fn+ Esc keys on the keyboard.

After pressing function+ Escape buttons the hp system information page you see on your hp laptops screen.

After that, you see a product model number, product name, and serial number as well.

After finding the hp model number save it in a safe place

how to check laptop model Lenovo?


Step 1. visit the Lenovo support website.

step2.  click on view pc support.

step3. click on knowledge base & guides.

step4.  click on hardware maintenance underneath of knowledge base & guides.

step5.  open the hardware maintenance, then find out the specification section.

step 6. you have seen your Lenovo model number. write it down in a safe place.

that’s it, this is the easiest way to find the hp model number.


Congratulation you have to find it if you have still any issues mentioned in the comment section. Our team will solve your queries as soon as possible.

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