How to Record audio on Windows 7 Laptop

How to Record audio on Windows 7 Laptop?

How to Record audio on Windows 7 Laptop? It’s easy to record audio on a Windows 7 laptop. Users can use the built-in recording feature or install an external program from the internet.

How to Record audio on Laptop for Windows 7?

Here are some steps to do it:

Step 1) To start recording a Screen, first find the Start button (bottom lift) and click and open the “Control Panel”.

Step 2) Then, click on “Hardware and Sound” and find the “Sound” option. Click on it to open a list of options. You will see separate options for recording and editing sounds. Click on the sound recording option to open up a new window containing controls for recording, playing back, and setting up your microphone.

Step 3) Under “Microphone”, you can see a drop-down box with options for selecting your microphone. Click on it and select the microphone you want to use for recording the Audio. You can record movie sound using almost all microphones which are usually connected to laptops through USB cords.

Step 4) Now, under the same drop-down box, you will see a label “Listen to this device”. It designates the recording source. Look for a checkbox with this label and uncheck it so that sound from your computer’s speaker will not be recorded through your microphone while capturing a movie on Windows 7 laptop.

Step 5) The recording feature in Windows 7 is accessed through the sound option. There are no separate controls for this function. You need to go back two steps and open the “Sound” option again. Under “Recording”, click on the downward arrow to see options for setting your recording device, checking your microphone level, etc.

Step 6) Once you have set your microphone level, it’s time to click on the red button available under “Recording” to start recording the movie. The sound recorder interface will show up. Click on it and open a new window.

Step 7) Now, you can use options like saving your recorded sounds, play it back, open the file location from which you want to save the recorded sound, etc.

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