How to Use Wireless Mouse Without Receiver?

Did you lose your nano receiver or something else reason, so you are wondering about how to use wireless mouse without receiver?

Whatever your situation is after reading this article you will be able to know that whether your mouse would work for you to connect to the computer or not.

The wireless mouse is one of the fantastic technologies we usually use with our PC, laptop, etc. to ease work tasks. It reduces the need for frustrating wires and cords. There is a lot of different methods through which you can connect the wireless mouse with your computer. But first, you should know that which technology is it using. They work on Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and Radio Frequency, etc. So, some mice work with both at a time. In that situation, you will be able to connect again without a dongle.
Here we will guide you that how to use wireless mouse without receiver.

Possible solutions for a wireless mouse to work without a receiver:

In the first case if your mouse works on both technologies which are “Radiofrequency” and Bluetooth.

In the second case if you have the unifying signature of your wireless mouse. It means this mouse will be usable if you purchase another receiver having the same Unifying Receiver.

If you don’t have any solution in light of the above-mentioned points then your wireless mouse will not be able to work with your computer anymore.

How to connect a wireless mouse without a receiver in Windows 10?

The first thing is to ensure is that you make the connection between your PC/Laptop and your mouse. This is the main thing through which two devices communicate with each other using Bluetooth technology to transmit the signals.
The Bluetooth technology is somehow new, found in many tablets and mobiles but mostly old laptops and computers don’t have this functionality from the manufacturer. In case you don’t have Bluetooth technology in your device then definitely you will have to buy an additional Bluetooth adapter to avoid your mouse becomes a piece of waste hardware.

Steps to connect wireless mouse with Windows 10

  1. The first thing to do is to go to your “settings”. On the setting page, you will find “Devices”. If you can’t find it just type ‘Devices’ in the search bar.
  • You will see a menu on the left side with many options. See for the “Bluetooth and other devices”. Click on that option and proceed.
  • Here you will find the plus sign ‘+’ with the text “Add Bluetooth and other devices”. Just click on it.
  • A pop-up window will option with mainly three options. The first one will be Bluetooth under mice, keyboard, pen, etc will be written. Click on the Bluetooth option.
  • If your Bluetooth is open it will search for a device having open Bluetooth.
  • Find your device name and connect with it.

The setting and design change from time to time due to the new updates. But the main option will be the same for all versions. Just find the Bluetooth section then follow the instructions written on the screen. It will help you in pairing your device with a computer.

How to connect wireless mouse without a receiver in MacOS Mojave?

The procedure of connecting your wireless mouse with a MacBook having macOS Mojave has a different approach than Windows 10 OS.

Steps to connect wireless mouse with MacOS Mojave:

  1. First of all, you must start the pairing mode of your wireless mouse. It may not be an easy task. So you will have to read your device instruction manual.
  2. Now on your Mac system just click on “Apple” in the menu and then scroll to the “System Preferences”. Here click on it, you will get a drop-down menu.
  3. Go through the options in the menu. You will find the “Bluetooth” option. Click on it, you will be redirected to the pairing process.
  4. Your system will start searching for devices that have open Bluetooth. After searching gets completed you will see your wireless mouse name on your screen.
  5. Simply click on it and the system will automatically connect your Mac computer with your wireless mouse.

Tips to consider while connecting a wireless mouse with a computer

The Bluetooth mouse is different in many ways from a cord/wired mouse. So, let see one by one.

Small distance between devices:

The distance between the wireless mouse and the computer should be small. Because there is a specific range that should be kept to maintain the communication between these two devices.
If you break the distance by about 33 feet it will be disconnected from the computer. And it will be a headache to again pair your mouse with the computer through Bluetooth.

Enough Power Supply

You should keep in mind that the mouse should have a proper power source to work properly.
Different features on a computer need a variable power source of a mouse to work. As some wireless mice come with replaceable batteries while others have rechargeable batteries. You should have an extra battery because many times you are working on an important project and your mouse’s battery is expired and that situation frustrates many people.

Variable devices connection support:

Different mice come with a prebuild design that supports one or more devices. According to its manufacturer, they put this feature in the device that either it will support one or more than one device.
So, in case you are going away from your home you should keep in mind that is your mouse is capable of connecting with more than one device or not. If you have more devices, then you should carry that type of mouse that can connect a minimum of up to three devices or more.

Exact paring of pin

You have to always connect your wireless mouse with your computer through a unique pin. Make sure that you entered the correct pin just like same as data backup on the computer.
Mostly you may not need to insert your pin again and again and just click on accept button for affirming that either the displayed pin on the screen is correct or not.

Thanks For reading to the Bottom.

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