Pros and Cons of a touch screen laptops

Touch screen laptops are the extension of tablet technology. These are those laptops which you can use with the touchpad as well as with the touch screen feature. These may be 2 in 1 convertible hybrid laptops or just simple laptops with only a touchpad facility. In a hybrid 2 in 1 laptop, you can convert your laptop into tablet mode and use it just like a tablet with touch screen capability, or if they have the stylus so you can work with it as well.

Mostly today’s laptops are coming with the touch screen feature. So, they have different pros and cons from the normal laptops having no touch screen availability. But again, the situation is different for convertible touch screens and non-convertible touch screen laptops are also different. And they affect the pros and cons with their structure as well. So, in this article, we let you know the Pros and Cons of touch screen laptops. Below are the Pros and Cons of touch screen laptops.

Pros of Touchscreen laptops

There are a lot of features which we get with the touch screen laptop. So let see one by one.

Better display with color precision:

One of the best advantages of touch screen laptops is they have a better display screen as compared to the other normal laptops. They have better vibrant, precise, and reproductive colors with great brightness. Usually, those laptops which are coming with touch screen technology have higher resolution screens.

To increase their response rate, they included the glossy display. As they have better color accuracy and brightness than the non-touchscreen featured laptops. So mostly designers who work with the colors prefer the touch screen laptop

Fast and convenient navigation:

Touch screen laptops are made to make navigation more convenient and easy than the old technology. As touch capability is more simple than the mouse devices or trackpads. So a user can simply perform more tasks than using the conventional way.

Switching from one application to another is a great deal while using the mouse or trackpad but using a touch screen is just one tap away. The opening of different application also require more effort when using the mouse or touchpad but now the touch screen technology made it more convenient.

The best alternative when the keyboard/Touchpad fail to work

For instance, the keyboard or touchpad fails to perform working you can alternatively use your on-screen keyboard for typing. As well as the touch screen also performs every kind of function by just tapping the icons. So, you don’t need the trackpad anymore.

More spectacular and attractive

Touch screen laptops look more eye-catching than normal ones. They feel more luxurious and comfortable because of the convenience to use as compared to non-touchscreen laptops. They can be used for multi-functioning if you have 2 in 1 laptop. You can readily convert it into tablet mode or do office work with a trivial laptop.

Great portability

Usually, touch screen laptops can convert into tablet mode. Which makes it easy to carry everywhere you want. Mostly they have a lightweight and thin body than the conventional laptops which also increase their portability.

Convenient for note-taking and drawing

If you are in the designing field, like if you are an artist, architect, fashion designer or any other relevant field then we recommend you to use touch screen laptop. Not only due to its crisp and clear display but also many of them support the stylus pen. Which you can use for drawing on screen without interfering with your fingers.

For drawing purposes using a mouse is a horrible choice. Because it is not precise and difficult to use as compared to the Stylus pen. Designers and artists who draw on screens mostly use the Stylus which is a great advantage of touch screen laptops.
You can also take notes on the side when you are reading a book or watching a video using the stylus pen easily. It makes a perfect choice for professional people who constantly taking notes during the presentation.

Cons of Touchscreen laptops

As there are a lot of advantages of touch screen laptop. But with the pros, there are also disadvantages of this kind of category laptops. So let see one by one.

More costly

If we compare the touch screen laptop with the non-touchscreen we notice that they are more expensive than the normal one. One of the main reasons for its high price is its luxurious screen with beautiful design and touch-friendly. Many of them also come with the convertible feature and some contain the stylus pen as well. All these extra features do not come free but you have to pay more money to get these.

More fingerprint marks

We all hate fingerprint smudges on screen of laptop or mobile which looks terrible. Mostly our hands contain dirt and oil layers especially in warm weather which make marks on the screen. Again these upper smudges layers pick the dust from the environment. Usually, we don’t notice these marks on laptops. But when these are exposed to the bright light they look awful. For touch screen laptops you have to clean them regularly to look better.

Additional Battery drain

A major issue that comes with touch screen laptops is its more battery drain than non-touchscreen laptops. It is because the touch sensors always remain in an active state whether you are using it or not. It usually consumes roughly about 25% more power than conventional laptops.

Many users report that if you disable the touch function from the device manager, so it only disable the touch function, not the sensors or digitizer which constantly running in the background.
If you are constantly using the touch feature the battery is also on standby which draws more power.

Addition in weight

Adding the touch functionality also increases more hardware inclusion which results in increasing the weight. Although the difference is just in the grams but it can be noticeable.

More screen glare and reflection

The touch screen laptops come with a glossy display that reflects and scatter light from the screen. Due to this reflection of light, you will notice your background environment and your reflection as well on the screen in bright light. So it is difficult to use them in a bright light environment and can’t see well in the outdoor circumstances.

Not only you will see the reflection on the screen but also they have a big problem which is the glare of the display. These kinds of laptops result in glare. This glare is noticeable when a very uncontrolled and bright light pinches in your eyes.
If the screen causing too much glare it will result in headache, eyestrain, and in a serious situation, it can cause an eye disease known as Macular Degeneration. Some of the other non-touchscreen laptops use the matte display which hinders the screen glare and reflection.

Touch screens also emit UV and blue light which is also harmful if the screen is used for a long period. You can avoid a maximum of its impact by using the blue light protectors on the screen.

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