Why are Gaming Laptops so Ugly

Why are Gaming Laptops so Ugly?

It’s no secret that gaming laptops are ugly. They’re not designed to be visually appealing, they’re designed for performance. But why do these laptops have to look so bad? Think of how many people love playing games on their laptops and would want a good-looking machine to play on! There are some models out there with less-than-stellar looks but they come with high-performance specs.

Why are Gaming Laptops so Ugly?

the answer is simple.  Manufacturers want to produce the most powerful machine at the cheapest price possible.

If they made their machines look appealing, then you would expect them to cost more than $1000 or $2000. Instead of actually making better machines with good designs that cost more cash, they just produced models that at least aren’t ugly to the eye.

But, if you ask me, I will say that they should create laptops with both high-performance and good-looking design! A machine can perform well but still, look attractive! The fact of the matter is, more companies need to realize this fact.

Even Alienware has risen above producing these ugly machines and released an attractive model in the Alienware 13 R3. With a bit of hope, other companies will follow suit and make laptops that are both performance-driven and visually appealing!

So, to all the gamers out there who want a good-looking laptop with power, keep hoping. In time, your dream will come true!

People Also Ask:

Are gaming laptops a bad idea?

Well, it depends. Gaming laptops can be pretty good if you want a portable machine that isn’t as bulky as a desktop. Since they’re smaller and slimmer than desktops, they’re quite easy to take around with you – just slip it into your bag’s side pocket and you’re ready to go!

Also, since these laptops are made with portability in mind, manufacturers know that they can’t compromise on performance. So, gaming laptops tend to have really good specs when it comes to the processor and graphics card.

But is that worth the extra money? Well, perhaps not for most people. You could easily get a desktop that would perform better than any gaming laptop for under $1000.

If you just want to get a gaming laptop because your desktop is too bulky and you’re on the move a lot, then it could be useful to have one. Just keep in mind that there are other options out there, probably for cheaper prices!

Will I run into performance issues?

Because of their small size and weight, gaming laptops will never perform as well as desktops. They’re designed for portability, not power.

If you want a powerful machine that won’t let you down in the performance department then I suggest that you buy a desktop rather than a laptop.

If you really don’t need to be mobile and can sacrifice portability for performance then a gaming laptop just might be the right choice.

Why are gaming laptops so thick?

Manufacturers make gaming laptops thicker than normal because of the powerful components they need to fit inside.

Normal laptops are designed for battery life and portability, so manufacturers can make them as slim as possible without compromising on power or efficiency. However, since gamers aren’t particularly bothered about how long their laptop lasts on a charge, manufacturers turn to bigger batteries to do the job instead.

However, these bigger batteries take up a lot of space and so gaming laptops need to be thicker than your typical laptop. That said, there are some models out there with powerful specs that aren’t as thick as others – one of them is the Razer Blade!

6 Reasons Why Gaming Laptops Are So Heavy

1. Bigger battery – that’s the whole point of a gaming laptop right? You’re not concerned about weight and portability.

2. Unnecessary graphics cards, RAM, etc – who needs those for casual use anyway?

3. Heavier materials (Aluminium) – lightweight laptops don’t look nearly as ‘cool’.

4. Internal fans – all of that hardware does get quite hot, so the fans are needed to cool everything down.

5. More powerful processor – although most don’t really need it.

6. External accessories (Gift) – any gamer is going to want a wireless mouse and keyboard at least!

How To Check If a Laptop Is For Gaming?

1. Windows Experience Index

Well, if your laptop has a score of 5.9 or below then it’s just designed for the basics. Anything over 7 is great for gaming!

2. RAM & Processor Speeds

If your laptop can handle a heavy load and handle a lot of processes at once, then it’s ideal for gaming.

3. Battery Life

4. Graphics card

if you have an Nvidia GeForce GTX 950M or better, then you’ve got a gaming machine!

5. Connectivity

6. Display size

Anything over 17-inches is considered quite large for a laptop screen. A bigger screen allows for better graphics and is, therefore, more suited to gaming.

So, if you’re looking for a laptop that can handle your most demanding games then the six signs above should help you choose the right one!

How long does your laptop last on one charge?

If it’s close to five hours or more then there’s a good chance that your laptop is suitable for gaming!


To sum up, gaming laptops are great if you want to game on the go and don’t mind the extra weight. Just make sure that your laptop can handle it first!

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Happy Gaming!

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